A good deed.... maybe

At Fulton Garrick, we do a work from home Wednesday, a day for searching, meeting clients and just good for general mental health. Alas, this is standard company-wide here and not a good deed, rather the norm and something more companies are taking to with good results personally and professionally.

I digress, after a morning searching for exceptional analysts to join a fantastic real estate PE fund (email awebb@fultongarrick.com if you fit the bill). I boarded the 12:05 train from Gerrards Cross to Marylebone en route to a meeting in Central London with a new developer client.

I was one of few people to board said train, but not the only suit, as a young chap (mid twenties) had got on the same carriage and sat opposite me. He was wearing a navy blue suit, black shoes and a tie that didn’t really go with his shirt, however, he had definitely made an effort and I was 99.9% sure he was on his way to an interview and had definitely gone to a lot of effort and was carrying a brand new notepad and pen.

However, this is not me dishing out style tips (I’m no Charlie Casely-Hayford), but in my humble opinion, his hard work was undone by 3 spiked earrings and I debated for the whole trip to Marylebone whether I should say something (bearing in mind, I had no idea if he was going to an interview or where he was interviewing, where it could be completely acceptable - let alone it wasn’t my business or place to say something).

We actually ended up on the same carriage underground towards Oxford Circus and out of pure interest, I did ask whether he was en route to an interview. To cut a long story short, he was and it was with a radio station near Leicester Square, I told him he looked smart and asked how it was going. He said he was down to the last two and was nervous; I gave him a few interview tips and said if it was a professional vibe as the suit indicated, then the earrings may be a swaying point (but it was completely up to him) he agreed and said he would take them out and was really thankful (rather than defensive, as I had feared).

After chatting a little bit about what I did, he said he was interested in recruitment but had no luck. I told him the name of our company and if he didn’t get the role at the radio station; to drop me an email - I hope he put his pen and paper to good use but I also hope he gets the role he was so excited about.

I’m not qualified to dish out finance or legal advice, but I feel like, I put what skills I do have to good use ‘pro bono’ and if it helped this young man at least 1% - I’m a happy man.

If you’re reading this and interview candidates for your business, I would be interested to hear your thoughts about visible tattoos, piercings, beards, jewellery etc… and although society is teaching us to be more individual and accepting, does this have an impact positively/negatively either at first or last impression of the candidate.

Feel free to comment, DM or email me your thoughts….

Adam Webb